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I am signing because I held my son two nights ago as he said “I cannot make it, IT’S NOT FAIR!” He was born into a body that is foreign to his every being. The dysphoria is painstaking, something no human should ever go through—especially our YOUTH. I do not want my child to be a statistic that will add to the nearly 50% rate of suicides among Trans Youth. The biggest fear for me is how is his mental health going to be if he cannot be himself? Will he lose a job? Get turned down for a mortgage? Will insurance companies continue to pay for hormone therapy or see that “top surgery” could greatly improve his quality of life? I will continue to sign petitions, show my PRIDE however I can and go I the ends of the earth to make sure he has ALL the civil liberties, protections, and opportunities that my Cis-gender children have.

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